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 Product Name:GPS Tracking Watch
 Product No:PG88

Technical feature

1, Real-time GPS monitoring of positioning /timing positioning Tracking(SMS/GPRS/TCP/UDP)

2, Supporting the mobile phone, Mp3

3, Support GPRS Base station auxiliary positioning

4, SOS function: 3 sos numbers available, can positioning by SOS button in emergency

5, Alarm clock: remind you on time for important daily schedule

6, Support setting two family phone numbers, total 250 phone numbers available

7, Support phone call/SMS locating directly and platform(website) locating

8, Supporting single location and continuous tracking support to achieve real-time positioning/timing positioning

9, Exactly real-time path tracking can correctted to seconds

10, Support GPS / SMS / PC / phone-client queries, SMS and the Internet to check the location information, Google plane and satellite maps

11, Emergency alarm / lectronic Geofences alarm/remote monitoring/lower battery alarm

12, Record and playback history contrail

13, Remote monitoring, High sensitive microphone, can monitor the person tracked without distrub, real-time tracking

Suitable for the crowd

A: For children, the elderly, pet care monitoring
B: Personal security
C: Field Personnel Management
D: Outdoor adventure travel
E: Automobile renting, the small motorcade management
F: Logistics management, guarding against the valuable
G: Criminal investigation and tracking

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