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I have talked toMSN
Dear Sir/Madam,
If you have decided to purchase our products, then please don't worry about the shipping way. Usually there are 4 shipping ways welcome by now such as EMS, DHL, TNT, and UPS.
EMS is the most popular one among them.
EMS is a kind of postal service, and the freight charge depends on the weight of goods, but normally 7 working days is required at least, if any more details, please go to www.ems.com.cn/english-main.jsp to learn more.
DHL is better than EMS in terms of shipping time, normally 3 working days is required, but more expensive than EMS because the calculation of the freight cost depends on which one is higher, calculated by volume or real weight; If by volume, then the weight of goods equals to box volume devided by 5000, the measure is KG, but if the heavier is real weight, then it is calculated by real weight. TNT and UPS also calculate the freight charge in this way. If further more details, then please go to  www.dhl.com to get more.
TNT is also better one in terms of shipping time, 3 or 5 working days is required normally, but also quite expensive, if any details, please welcome to www.tnt.com to learn more.
UPS is the best one in terms of shipping time and service, but also most expensive one, if any more detailed info, please welcome to www.ups.com to learn more.
If you have any further problem, please kindly find our contact info and please don't hesitate to contact with us directly.
Thank you for your precious time!